Pressure Washers – Key Steps To Cleaning Your Home Safe and Effectively

Ok, so you are thinking of using power pressure washers to do your home cleaning this summer. But as a novice and a newbie with home appliance equipment, you will need to be acquainted with some rules and guidelines, especially when you are trying to manage a high-pressure washer.

There are safety rules you should set for your home just so that your young children and pets are in safe hands. First and foremost, keep the children away when you are cleaning the home. Send them to their grandparents’ or simply have them spend the afternoon with a kind neighbor who is willing to look after them while you work at getting out the dirt. Ensure that you have totally cleared away all equipment and dried the wet areas before they come home. One sure way to get hurt is a simple slip on the wet garage, especially when you have hyperactive children.

If you cannot send the children and pets away, at least, keep them in the house, far away from where you will be cleaning. Keep them away from the machines, as 10 out of 10 curious children will pick up the fun looking nozzle gun and press the trigger. Anything or anyone in the line of fire could be badly hurt. Trigger guns can emit pressure so strong that they could literally bore a hole through fragile little hands so take heed.

Having protected your children and pets, it is also critical that you cover yourself with protective garb, goggles, work gloves, long sleeves and pants in anticipation of constant spatter.

As much as pressure washing is capable of removing dirt, grime, debris, dust, stubborn old oil stains, and even old paint jobs, they can also accidentally send debris and little stones flying around if you are not able to manage the machine efficiently.

When power washing your house, remember to always start from the top down. Take for instance the siding, you should clean it with sweeps from left to right, working your way down. Keep a distance between whatever surface you are cleaning just in case you damage them. Rule of thumb is to keep a one-foot distance at least from the surfaces and narrowing it as and when you need.

Power pressure washers can be very efficient cleaners but only if you are a very careful user. So take heed.