Power Washer Uses And Types

Power washers are unique and extremely versatile cleaning machines. These machines have the ability to spray water of all different amounts of pressure in all different shapes and sizes depending on what nozzle you use. For example, a zero degree nozzle shoots out a pencil-shaped water stream at maximum pressure while a 40-degree nozzle shoots out a fan-like stream at very light pressure. Naturally, the nozzle generating the most pressure is used to clean hard surfaces like concrete while the nozzle generating the least pressure is used to wash delicate surfaces like glass windows or greenhouses.

This ability to control the amount of pressure the water stream is coupled with its ability to insert detergent into the water stream makes the power washer a truly flexible and helpful machine.

The nozzle generating the most pressure (also known as the zero degrees nozzle) is used to clean especially difficult stains (grease, dirt, chemicals, etc.) from hard surfaces. However, the pressure of the water at maximum pressure is so forceful that extreme caution should be taken. To give you an idea at how strong the pressure is considered that this water stream has been used to facilitate dust-free cutting of some metals and concrete. Obviously, the water stream of a power washer should never be pointed at a human being, animal, or other delicate surfaces. When used correctly maximum pressure water streams can even be used to blast away graffiti on walls. On the flip side, low-pressure nozzles can be used to clean very delicate surfaces like glass or cars. A well-done cleaning job all depends on how smart and properly you use the power washer. Users should take caution when selecting which nozzles to use and always start out shooting from a relatively far distance from the surface needed to be cleaned.

Power washers come in a variety of different types. There are electrical washers, diesel powered washers, residential at home washers, and commercial washers. Electrical washers are typically used inside because it makes less noise and releases no fumes into the air. This said, diesel-powered washers are still the most commonly used washers because their power and portability are unmatched.

Using a power washer to clean your house, windows, siding, deck, driveway or other surfaces can be a very intelligent move. Because of its effectiveness, power washing can make any surface look nearly new. In fact, many wise homeowners wishing to sell their house go out and hire a power-washing contractor to clean their house and property. For a relatively nominal cost, your house and property can increase in value by thousands of dollars. Don’t believe me? Just go get a real estate appraisal before and after a power-washing job is done.