Pressure Washers – Limitations That You Might Have Chosen to Ignore

Power pressure washers have been on the rise as one of the most popular home washing tools available in the market. The many tasks that can be completed with this tool are countless and are limited only to simply your imagination. However, it would be irresponsible to use this tool to clean anything within the house, as there are certain items you should never use them on.

In other words, there are certain limitations that you should note that the power pressure washers must not be used on, else damage ensues. Take for instance you should think twice when applying a high-pressure spot cleaning nozzle on your deck furniture if they are made of wood. The wood material will literally split and disintegrate especially in the cases of composite wood fibers. This would have caused more detriment than good as the pressurized water will erode the wood material giving you a permanent etched trail or simply boring a hole in it. Typically, the general rule of thumb is that whenever you are cleaning any wood or wood composite materials, always use a fan angle spray instead of spot cleaning. The pressure and force are less and the surfaces cleaned are more extensive. In fact, almost all surfaces would be better cleaned by a fan-shaped spray.

That said, however, there some situations which require more focused, spot cleaning. When washing sidings on the second floor, you do need to have a more focused and narrow higher pressure spray to reach the surfaces. Also, when you are cleaning materials like vinyl sidings, gates, and grills, you may use a tighter spray to achieve a more thorough cleaning task.

And do not forget that there might be restrictions on your water hose sizes, home water pressure required as well as the home electricity power available to you. Most power pressure washers have quick easy contact fitting. More importantly, it is the length of the hose which is often not sufficient for a lot of exterior home cleaning. Check out the accessories direct from the manufacturers and try to use original brand attachments for user safety. Many users would opt for another 50 feet of extension to the machine for better mobility with the power pressure washers.

Pressure Washers – Key Steps To Cleaning Your Home Safe and Effectively

Ok, so you are thinking of using power pressure washers to do your home cleaning this summer. But as a novice and a newbie with home appliance equipment, you will need to be acquainted with some rules and guidelines, especially when you are trying to manage a high-pressure washer.

There are safety rules you should set for your home just so that your young children and pets are in safe hands. First and foremost, keep the children away when you are cleaning the home. Send them to their grandparents’ or simply have them spend the afternoon with a kind neighbor who is willing to look after them while you work at getting out the dirt. Ensure that you have totally cleared away all equipment and dried the wet areas before they come home. One sure way to get hurt is a simple slip on the wet garage, especially when you have hyperactive children.

If you cannot send the children and pets away, at least, keep them in the house, far away from where you will be cleaning. Keep them away from the machines, as 10 out of 10 curious children will pick up the fun looking nozzle gun and press the trigger. Anything or anyone in the line of fire could be badly hurt. Trigger guns can emit pressure so strong that they could literally bore a hole through fragile little hands so take heed.

Having protected your children and pets, it is also critical that you cover yourself with protective garb, goggles, work gloves, long sleeves and pants in anticipation of constant spatter.

As much as pressure washing is capable of removing dirt, grime, debris, dust, stubborn old oil stains, and even old paint jobs, they can also accidentally send debris and little stones flying around if you are not able to manage the machine efficiently.

When power washing your house, remember to always start from the top down. Take for instance the siding, you should clean it with sweeps from left to right, working your way down. Keep a distance between whatever surface you are cleaning just in case you damage them. Rule of thumb is to keep a one-foot distance at least from the surfaces and narrowing it as and when you need.

Power pressure washers can be very efficient cleaners but only if you are a very careful user. So take heed.

Power Washer Uses And Types

Power washers are unique and extremely versatile cleaning machines. These machines have the ability to spray water of all different amounts of pressure in all different shapes and sizes depending on what nozzle you use. For example, a zero degree nozzle shoots out a pencil-shaped water stream at maximum pressure while a 40-degree nozzle shoots out a fan-like stream at very light pressure. Naturally, the nozzle generating the most pressure is used to clean hard surfaces like concrete while the nozzle generating the least pressure is used to wash delicate surfaces like glass windows or greenhouses.

This ability to control the amount of pressure the water stream is coupled with its ability to insert detergent into the water stream makes the power washer a truly flexible and helpful machine.

The nozzle generating the most pressure (also known as the zero degrees nozzle) is used to clean especially difficult stains (grease, dirt, chemicals, etc.) from hard surfaces. However, the pressure of the water at maximum pressure is so forceful that extreme caution should be taken. To give you an idea at how strong the pressure is considered that this water stream has been used to facilitate dust-free cutting of some metals and concrete. Obviously, the water stream of a power washer should never be pointed at a human being, animal, or other delicate surfaces. When used correctly maximum pressure water streams can even be used to blast away graffiti on walls. On the flip side, low-pressure nozzles can be used to clean very delicate surfaces like glass or cars. A well-done cleaning job all depends on how smart and properly you use the power washer. Users should take caution when selecting which nozzles to use and always start out shooting from a relatively far distance from the surface needed to be cleaned.

Power washers come in a variety of different types. There are electrical washers, diesel powered washers, residential at home washers, and commercial washers. Electrical washers are typically used inside because it makes less noise and releases no fumes into the air. This said, diesel-powered washers are still the most commonly used washers because their power and portability are unmatched.

Using a power washer to clean your house, windows, siding, deck, driveway or other surfaces can be a very intelligent move. Because of its effectiveness, power washing can make any surface look nearly new. In fact, many wise homeowners wishing to sell their house go out and hire a power-washing contractor to clean their house and property. For a relatively nominal cost, your house and property can increase in value by thousands of dollars. Don’t believe me? Just go get a real estate appraisal before and after a power-washing job is done.

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